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Specialised bilingual art history masterclasses & courses

Choose your path to artistic enlightment

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Artists Masterclasses

Dive Deep into the Artistry

Explore our curated collection of masterclasses, each devoted to a remarkable Latin American artist. Immerse yourself in their unique styles, influences, and contributions to the art world. Unveil their hidden narratives and unlock the secrets of their masterpieces.

Short courses

Unite the Artistic Threads

Embark on a comprehensive journey through Latin American art with our engaging short courses. Experience a curated selection of 6-7 masterclasses, carefully woven together to offer a holistic understanding of the artistic movements, cultural contexts, and diverse perspectives that define the region's vibrant art scene.

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Full Art History course

A Brief History of Art from Latin America during the first half of the 20th Century

Early adopters - Course fully available in 2024

For the true art connoisseur seeking an immersive experience, our full course unveils the entire tapestry of Latin American art. Delve into the depths of our comprehensive curriculum, comprising all short courses and masterclasses, to gain a profound understanding of the rich heritage, groundbreaking artists, and pivotal moments in Latin American art history.

Uncover the transformative power of Latin American art history, gaining valuable insights from the past to shape a more enlightened and inclusive future, fostering understanding, critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation for diverse narratives.

Luz M Osorio

Wow, Daniela your knowledge of the subject is impressive, your enthusiasm and passion to transmit it are admirable and contagious! The graphics and teaching aids are great!! It's a pleasure to see and hear you. Phenomenal course!

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