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Carmen Mariscal

Mexican artist based in London

Born in California, Carmen (b. 1968) lives and works in London. She holds a Master’s in Visual Arts from the Winchester School of Art, a graduate Painting degree from Central Saint Martins and a BA in Art History from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City). The recurrent themes in her work are fragility, confinement and memory. Her installation El pueblo creador was part of the Mexican Pavilion at the 2000 Universal Exposition in Hannover. Carmen was awarded 1st place in the 4th National Installation Competition in Mexico and has been selected for the Monterrey Biennial and other competitions. She has had individual and collective exhibitions in both public and private venues in Mexico, the US, Spain, France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Russia.

Carmen Mariscal: bio
Carmen Mariscal : Artworks



Dafne, Besito-Buganvilia, 2020

Photographic print on cotton fine art paper and cotton thread

90 x 120 cm Photo


£4,500 Unframed (excl VAT)



Calladita te ves mas bonita (Be pretty and Shut Up), 2019

Each steel plate is named with the phrase engraved inside

12 plates of different sizes from 11.5 x 22 cm to 16.4 x 23.5 cm

Photo © Michael Alford


Small: £850 (excl VAT)

Large: £1,250 (excl VAT)



Spatial Illusion, 2019

Calladita te ves mas bonita (Be pretty and Shut Up), 2019

Each piece has the name of the woman and the name of the lipstick

written on the back

Paper, lipstick marks, medium gloss and cotton thread.

Different sizes from 21 x 30 cm to 24 x 32 cm

Photo © Michael Alford

£380 each (excl VAT)


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