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The beginning of the avant-gardes - bilingual




This course is available in English and Spanish | Este curso estan disponibles en inglés y en español. This short course is part of the NEW online programme A Brief History of Art from Latin America designed to give you a basic understanding of the Latin American art scene during the first half of the 20th century. Topics discussed in this module: Universal constructivism part 1: Joaquin Torres Garcia & Francisco Matto The beginning of modernism in Brazil: Anita Malfatti Anthropophagia: Tarsila do Amaral The paradox of Mexican muralism and painting: Aurora Reyes & David Alfaro Siqueiros Xul Solar This module has approx 3 hours of content, divided into 5 classes of 35-40 min, each one with 2-3 videos. If you want to view a preview of one of the lectures, visit:

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