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Known Landscapes, Distant Places

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I faithfully believe that art must be the result of the construction of both identity and a process of thought. This is the reason why I have looked into my family's roots; to understand where I come from and the images and places which have influenced, somewhat constructed my vision of the world and have allowed me to understand the context in which I live and the way I make decisions. Subjects on identity, migration, death, family and tradition define the guidelines of my conceptual work. I have the fortune of benefitting from a strong indigenous cultural tradition on my mother’s side, which has opened up a pathway for me to create an imaginary of cross-breeding with a conscious identity."



Juliana Rios challenges the narratives behind our daily human experience and how we express ourselves in a state of alienation. Rios' paintings result from a three-month residency in La Guajira, Colombia. After rebuilding her grandmother's house, she moved from the capital to the small town of Villanueva with her husband and her newborn child. Her work is a testimony of her daily existence and her neighbour's experiences from very intuitive and honest observations. In her paintings, the viewer can watch how life changes in this small town, how it slows down and time is turned back.

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