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Championing Women Artists
from Latin America, Spain & Portugal

Amalgama is a cultural programme determined to elevate the historical relevance and current value of the artistic production of women artists from Latin America, Spain & Portugal to their rightful place.  Through art history courses, artists' residencies and representation, exhibitions and private collection placements we will disrupt the global art scene one artist at a time. 

Amalgama Academy

Art History Courses

Enjoy our unique bilingual art history courses 

New Classes Every Week

We offer a selection of bilingual online Latin American art history courses that explore the outstanding legacy created by the artists from this region. 


Tailored to your needs, you can choose if you want to learn about individual artists, movements and periods, or take the complete year-long course.

All our on-demand courses are offered in Spanish and English, allowing you to have the unique opportunity to practice and learn both languages while you study this fascinating history. 

Detail Remedios Varo la Huida, 1961



Listen to the stories of trailblazing contemporary artist

Interviewed by Daniela Galan you will learn about their latest work, shows and creative practice. 

Art Advisory

Art Advisory
Amalgama women and diaspora exhibition 2019 by Ingrid Guyon

Invest in trailblazing women artists

Schedule a meeting with Amalgama and we will advise and guide you in the leading emerging and established women artists from Latin America, Spain & Portugal.

Artists' Opportunities

Artists Opportunites


Artist career development guidance, mentoring and consulting. 

Discover our latest open calls, masterclasses, 1 on 1 mentorship & residencies. 

Amalgama exhibition 7 women artists from latin america, picaddily circus 2022


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