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1300+ min



PAPE, Burga, Savogal, Siqueiros, Gego,Kahlo, Lam, Vicuña, Minujin


Mendieta, Eiriz, Cruz, Codesido, Pelaez, Amaral

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Live Q&A sessions restarting May 2023

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This NEW online ART HISTORY course is designed to give you a basic understanding of the Latin American art scene during the first half of the 20th century. In it, you will learn about the most significant artists of the region, focusing primarily on female artists whose contributions have been vastly underrated. Each lesson is recorded in high definition so you can watch, rewing and observe in detail at your own pace. Our promise is that by the end of the course not only will you begin to master an understanding of the art of the region but you will also have fallen IN LOVE with incredible artists you may not have heard of or appreciated before!

About the course

7 modules

1300+ min of classes


per module

£850 £960

per course

plus live q&a after each module

What will you learn?

Life and work of over 50 artists from Latin America

Historical context of their creative practice


How they shaped the art scene of the region and their unique way of comprehending the world

Their dialogue with artists and movements of the avant gardes in Europe and the United States

Their legacy and importance for contemporary art

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Each module has around 180 minutes of content (3 hrs) and is divided into 5-6 classes, each one with 2-3 videos. We give you suggested reading materials and questions that will guide you in your learning process as you watch each one of the videos. Once a month, there is a live Q&A so you can ask questions to the tutor and debate with your peers.

Purchase per module or buy the entire course

You can decide how you want to take your course. You can take individual modules only or take the entire course as a whole. 

If you purchase the entire course you can access the live Q&A at the end of each course with the tutor or pay an extra £10 to be part. 


If you attend all classes you will receive a certificate of attendance for the course. 

All levels welcome

You don't need to have a master's in art history or know every museum in the world to fully appreciate this class. Our classes are meant to be enjoyed by anyone interested in the subject. Everyone is welcome!

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