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Ana Patricia Palacios

Colombian artist

The artistic work of Ana Patricia Palacios has focused on raising reflections and questions about the contemporary human being in his existential and political condition. Starting from different experiences, she has focused on the analysis of phenomena as particular as that of duality (gemelity), to the study of situations that make certain minorities socially vulnerable or become actors in various political, social and economic conflicts. Her artistic strategies allow her to appropriate and reinterpret the images that cross it as a subject, and those she consumes as a critical spectator of her time.

Her work operates as a testimony of our contemporaneity and personal memory, interpreting everyday life in its continuous becoming and falling apart, in its ceaseless mutation and rebirth. Ana Patricia Palacios exalts human beings whose daily life is in the middle of the conflict, characters she defines as antiheroes: children in war and anonymous soldiers. They are the ones who appear in her paintings and sculptures, accompanied by hip hop lyrics that narrate urban violence. Diversity and identity imaginary. Palacios was born in Medellín. She has a Master in Plastic Arts from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, in Bogotá, and has a Higher Diploma in Plastic Arts from the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris, France. Currently, she lives and works between Medellin, Bogotá and New York. Her work flows between different work techniques ranging from video and photography to painting, drawing and sculpture.

Past exhibitions: 2021 L.A. Galeria, The route, Bogota, Colombia* Alliance Française of Medellin , Heroes and Antiheroes, Colombia* Antioquia Museum, From Anonymous to Manifest, Medellin, Colombia 2020 Museum of Modern Art of Medellin, Regrabado (Mixtape), Colombia. 2019 Sala U, National University, Wandering, Medellin, Colombia. * 2017 Les Abattoires Museum, Medellin a Colombian history, Toulouse, Francia. Jose Amar Gallery Vale...Que vale?, Medellin, Colombia. 2015 Antioquia Museum, MDE15, Local Histories / Global Practice, Medellin, Colombia. 2012 Kandler Gallery, The Brussels Contemporary Drawing Fair, Oneman show, Belgium.* 2008 Museum of Visual Arts, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, The Sweet and Hopeless Madness of the Fatality, Bogota, Colombia. * Frederico Seve Gallery, Situation (Drawings), New York, USA. * 2006 Museum of Antioquia, Re-pasos, Medellín, Colombia. * Museum of Modern Art, Absurd Parallels II, Bogota, Colombia. * Casas Riegner Gallery, Absurd Parallels I, Bogota, Colombia. * 2004

ANAPPALACIOS_  Garruchas_video instalacion_2015.png
Ana P Palacios: bio
Ana p PalaciosÑ work


APPalacios- Landscape 1 .png

Garrucha, Landscape 1, 2020

Digital photography on foamed cardboard.

163cm x 110cm x 2cm


£3,800 (excl VAT)


ANAPPALACIOS_  Garruchas_video instalacion_2015.png

Man and dog on Garrucha

Digital photography on foamed cardboard

163cm x 110cm x 2cm


£3,800 (excl VAT)


Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-15 a la(s) 1.56.34 p. m..png

Garrucha installation

Installation of digital photography on foamed cardboard
and video: consists of 3 photographs and a mono channel video.

652cm x 110cm x  2cm

£10,200 (excl VAT)


Garrucha Drawings

Ink on paper

21,5cm x 28cm each

£. (excl VAT)


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