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Amelia Pelaez

(1896-1968), Cuba


In this class you will explore the outstainding aesthetics of Amelia Pelaez's work and Cuban modernism! 

Challenge the narrow view that confines her work to merely decorative, baroque, and naïve aesthetics. Delve into Pelaez's profound artistic contributions as we explore her iconic paintings. Discover the intricate layers of symbolism, social commentary, and personal expression embedded within her creations. Gain a deeper understanding of Pelaez's role as a trailblazing figure in Cuban modernism, pushing boundaries and defying categorization. 

Together, we'll analyse her masterpieces and unravel the complexities that make her work so influential and timeless. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey into the captivating world of Amelia Pelaez and discover the true depth of her artistic legacy. Enrol now and expand your appreciation for the rich tapestry of Cuban modernism.

28 min


2 videos


Do I need to have any prior knowledge of art history to take this class? 

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About the lecturer

Daniela Galan is the founder and director of Amalgama. She is a registered lecturer at the Arts Society in the United Kingdom and has over 17 years of research in art history and philosophy. She has focused her investigation on artists from Latin America, especially female artists whose work remains underrepresented within the art industry. This was the founding purpose of Amalgama, which led her to curate numerous exhibitions, forums and publications since its inception in 2018. 

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