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Remedios Varo

(1908-1963), Spain/Mexico


In this class, you will delve into the fascinating world of Remedios Varo an artist that united art, science and mysticism to create a worldview that had never been proposed before. 

The course will focus on six of Varo's most iconic paintings: Towards the Tower, Weaving the Terrestrial Mantle, The Escape, Harmony, the Clockmaker and the Phenomenon of Weightlessness. Through a close analysis of each of these works, students will gain a deeper understanding of Varo's artistic style and the underlying concepts that inform her paintings.

This class includes a bonus video where we explore Varo's relationship with Einstein's theory of relativity. Varo was deeply fascinated by science, and her paintings often incorporate scientific concepts and theories. By examining the connections between Varo's art and Einstein's ideas, students will gain insight into the interdisciplinary nature of Surrealism and the ways in which artists draw on a wide range of sources to create their work.

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Varo's life and work, and to develop their own critical and analytical skills as they explore the connections between art, science, and culture. By the end of the course, students will have gained a rich and nuanced understanding of one of the most fascinating artists of the 20th century, and will be able to apply this knowledge to their own creative and intellectual pursuits.

57 min


4 videos


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About the lecturer

Daniela Galan is the founder and director of Amalgama. She is a registered lecturer at the Arts Society in the United Kingdom and has over 17 years of research in art history and philosophy. She has focused her investigation on artists from Latin America, especially female artists whose work remains underrepresented within the art industry. This was the founding purpose of Amalgama, which led her to curate numerous exhibitions, forums and publications since its inception in 2018. 

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