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Tarsila do Amaral

(1886-1973), Brazil


Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Tarsila do Amaral, the visionary artist who spearheaded one of Brazil's most internationally acclaimed avant-garde movements. Join our captivating class to explore the artistic revolution she ignited, forever transforming the aesthetics of her country. Through a comprehensive study of her groundbreaking works, we will delve into the profound impact Tarsila do Amaral's art had on Brazil throughout the 20th century and beyond. Uncover the essence of Tarsila's artistic genius as we examine her iconic paintings and delve into the cultural, social, and political contexts that shaped her artistic vision. From her iconic "Abaporu" to her captivating landscapes and vibrant compositions, we will dissect the elements that made her a trailblazer in Brazilian art. Enroll now to deepen your appreciation for Tarsila do Amaral's enduring legacy and discover how her artistic contributions continue to shape the artistic landscape of Brazil to this day.
Sumérgete en el cautivante mundo de Tarsila do Amaral, la artista visionaria que encabezó uno de los movimientos de vanguardia más aclamados internacionalmente de Brasil. Únete a nuestra masterclass para explorar la revolución artística que ocasionó, transformando para siempre la estética de su país. A través de un estudio exhaustivo de sus obras innovadoras, profundizaremos en el profundo impacto que el arte de Tarsila do Amaral tuvo en Brasil a lo largo del siglo 20. Descubre la esencia del genio artístico de Tarsila mientras examinamos sus pinturas icónicas y profundizamos en los contextos culturales, sociales y políticos que dieron forma a su visión artística. Desde su icónico "Abaporu" hasta sus cautivadores paisajes y vibrantes composiciones, diseccionaremos los elementos que la convirtieron en una pionera en el arte brasileño. Inscríbete ahora para profundizar tu aprecio por el legado de Tarsila do Amaral y descubrir cómo sus contribuciones artísticas continúan dando forma al paisaje artístico de Brasil hasta el día de hoy.
32 min
3 videos


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About the lecturer

Daniela Galan is the founder and director of Amalgama. She is a registered lecturer at the Arts Society in the United Kingdom and has over 17 years of research in art history and philosophy. She has focused her investigation on artists from Latin America, especially female artists whose work remains underrepresented within the art industry. This was the founding purpose of Amalgama, which led her to curate numerous exhibitions, forums and publications since its inception in 2018. 

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