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AMALGAMA Champions

Angela Roldan - IMG_1692.JPG

Angela Roldan

Angela Roldan is passionate about the intersection of art and tech and using new technologies to elevate art and artists globally. Born and raised in Ecuador, her mother is an artist and her father builds technology fairs, so it now seems obvious how Angela became so enthralled and obsessed with combining these two worlds. She moved to the UK 12 years ago and has always been involved with companies and projects that promote art and collecting with the support of technology.  She is currently Senior Gallery Partnerships Manager at Artsy where she helps galleries with their digital strategy, helping expand the art market to support more artists and art in the world.

Where do you find inspiration in everyday life? 

I find inspiration by looking at new and exciting art, by artists that are challenging norms and pushing boundaries. In addition to that, I am constantly inspired and in awe by the resilience of gallerists, especially during these difficult times. Talking to people that are so passionate about their roles and their work really inspires me not only on a professional level but more importantly on a human level. 


How have you stayed inspired during the pandemic?

By having impromptu conversations with other people in the art industry and understanding their challenges and how they are overcoming them. I think the pandemic has really limited how many spontaneous conversations we can have with random people, because of the physical limitations. However, I have met some incredibly inspirational people through different digital channels that have then developed into full-on (Zoom) conversations. Do not be afraid of reaching out via Instagram/Clubhouse/LinkedIn to people who inspire you - and similarly, always be open to new people and ideas!


Which exhibition, work of art or event are you looking forward to in 2021?

Honestly, take me to any art opening / fair / museum and I will be on cloud nine! It has been so long! But apart from that, I am really looking forward to ARCO in Madrid this year (and hoping it still goes through after it was rescheduled from February to July). ARCO 2020 was the last in-person fair I attended pre-pandemic and looking back, it was (as usual) exceptional so I can't wait to see what this year brings for its 40th anniversary. 


Which other artists, authors or creatives inspire you?


I am currently inspired by the work of Lucia Pizzani, a phenomenal Venezuelan artist whose work revolves around issues of gender, body and nature. I first fell in love with her work when I went to her exhibition Coraza at Cecilia Brunson Projects back in 2018. I was fascinated by the full body of work and how there was a delicate thread that connected each piece with her personal experience of violence in her home country but at the same time, through the use of symbolism and unique techniques and materials, reflected the constant state of violence present in the Aztec culture. She also opened a new virtual show yesterday (8 March) on Vortic as part of their 'Female Voices of Latin America' exhibition collective, which I highly recommend!


What do you think of Amalgama's mission to champion and raise the profiles of women artists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal?

I've always been a huge fan and supporter of Amalgama's vision. And I think it is essential that we continue championing and raising the profile of women artists from the region. This is a collective effort, and as the saying goes, the best way to grow is by 'lifting as you climb'. 


How do you champion women artists and artists from Latin America?

Curiosity and always looking to learn. It is important to be humble with your knowledge but to boast about your learnings. If as supporters of the arts we commit to continuing to learn every day, and to being open, we will be able to encourage more people to do the same. So how do you act that? Talk to those already championing women artists, invite your friends to their openings, share their works with others, buy when and what you can, and continue to learn every day. 

Who would you like to have dinner with once we can mingle again? 


The Amalgama team! A wonderful team of superwomen championing women artists and doing incredible work throughout the pandemic. I can't wait! 

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