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AMALGAMA Champions

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Svitlana Martynjuk 

Svitlana Martynjuk is a Ukrainian-American artist and Founder and CEO of All SHE Makes, an online curated directory for womxn creatives worldwide. All SHE Makes launched as a curated womxn artists directory to increase visibility for womxn artists, and quickly grew into a large platform extending opportunities to the artists further through collaborations, exhibitions, scholarships, and now an art magazine publications.

Where do you find inspiration in everyday life? How have you stayed inspired during the pandemic?


I have been looking inward a lot, for painting inspiration and for the inspiration behind work for All SHE Makes. I've been revisiting and redefining my core values, re-learning what matters most, and staying in touch with those beliefs. 

Which exhibition, work of art or event are you looking forward to in 2021?

Last year, we were going to attend Miami Art Fairs for the first time. Maybe in 2021? I'm really looking forward to travelling and visiting galleries in other countries again. I think anywhere will do at this point ha ha.

Which other artists, authors or creatives inspire you?

This is a hard one to answer because I can point to any artist from All SHE Makes directory and voila. Each artist has such a unique story, perspective, and thought process, that it is simply impossible not to feel inspired. Our curators do an incredible job selecting creatives that are change-makers and thought-provokers within their own communities.

What do you think of Amalgama's mission to champion and raise the profiles of women artists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal?


We think it's a much-needed initiative. Women artists from various corners of the world are still underrepresented. The work does not stop until we reach equality. With all our efforts combined, we can make a difference!

How do you champion women artists? 

Our entire platform is based on efforts towards increasing visibility for womxn artists: from spreading the message about inequality to collaborating with larger institutions to showcase womxn artists from our directory. We do our research with the help of various platforms (such as @WomenArtistsLatinAmerica) and sources to enrich the representation of artists in our feed and community. 

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