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AMALGAMA Champions



Cordelia Noe and Maja Spiess both hail from Germany but met in the international art whirlwind. Cordelia, after years in the art world, founded TheArtGorgeous in 2017 during her time in Hong Kong and Maja, an academy-trained sculptor and art world veteran, joined her in 2019 to bring TheArtGorgeous HOUSE to life. They live in Milan and Berlin respectively. 


TheArtGorgeous HOUSE is the delightfully eccentric, global, female-empowering, still man-loving (boys are welcome), fun sister-hood of creative minds, boss girls, entrepreneurs and everyone (M/F/D) who identifies as one or all of the above. It is the membership club of TheArtGorgeous, the beloved global powerhouse responsible for art events all over the world, a print magazine and hilarious memes. 

Where do you find inspiration in everyday life?


Honestly without being cheesy: in this collaboration. We spin ideas off each other and enjoy working together. We also love the feedback we get from our members from all over the world with their very diverse backgrounds; and honestly, there is nothing like the feeling when someone tells you you kept them sane, happy and somewhat productive through this crazy pandemic. 

Which exhibition, work of art or art event are you looking forward to in 2021?

Let’s be realistic here… there is so much we would hope will happen, but we are rather sceptical that it will. 

Which other artists, authors or creatives inspire you?

Maja just discovered the absolutely underrated Iris Murdoch and is working her way through her entire oeuvre; Cordelia is currently reading Ghosts by Dolly Alderton. Since we love so many artists and creatives the list here would be endless ;) All human expressions of creativity are of endless inspiration to us. That's why we do what we do ;) 

What do you think of Amalgama's mission to champion and raise the profiles of women artists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal?

We believe in a connected global art world. With first of all a balance between male, female and diverse players from ALL regions! The Art World has traditionally been very focused on white, often male, creatives from a Eurocentric background. It is high time we invite ALL creatives from all corners of the world to join and it is what we also do with TheArtGorgeousHOUSE. To connect, to enable, to empower!

How do you champion women artists?

In our writing, on our website in general, but we have a little pandemic invention we call the #Artgirlsmarket that we are particularly proud of. Female identifying creatives can submit works and sell them with NO commission to us. It is sent once a month to our global network and people love it! 

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