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Cristina Camacho

Colombian artist

In her colourful layered paintings, Cristina Camacho reimagines the materiality of the canvas while pushing its logic to create unexpected surfaces. As she dissects each layer, she creates structural and spatial changes where gravity, shadows, and colour reflections evoke a physical and tactile experience. The cut is always precise and intentional, and without being aggressive or disruptive, the pieces appear to be extremely symmetrical. The colour pencil lines, always follow a set of geometric rules, and with the cut, these rules are disobeyed allowing the material to take control over the piece and therefore revealing its purity.

Without planning or sketching, her paintings are always intuitive, and looking closely into the work, there is a persistent evidence of her hand. As she creates a duality between pictorial space and real space, her work engages in a phenomenological approach by defining the physical and temporal relationship of the viewer to the piece. All of her paintings are to be grasped in the experience of looking at them.

Camacho has exhibited her unique canvases at a number of galleries in New York, including her first solo show at Praxis Gallery, and group shows at Nancy Margolis Gallery, Judith Charles Gallery, and Wallach Gallery. She completed residencies at The School of Visual Arts in 2011 and 2012, and has been the recipient of various awards and scholarships since 2006.

Cristina Camacho: bio
Cristina Camacho wor



Draped Cave - part of the Vulva series, 2020

Acrylic on canvas
142,24 x 127 cm 


£7,500 (excl VAT)


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