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Francisca Sosa Lopez

Venezuelean artist based in London

Francisca (b. 1991) is a master’s graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art. She holds a BA in Art History and Fine Art from the University of Colorado. In her multidisciplinary practise, she explores emotion and the use and power of art to evoke a variety of feelings. Her work has been selected for UCL East's Public Art Collection.

Her multidisciplinary practice is largely based on exploring the complicated relationship she has with her country. Reflecting on issues concerning Venezuela, she produces work based on her personal feelings, reactions, disappointments and affections to her country.  She thinks about a certain memory or plays a certain song that gives way to a particular feeling and she tries to catch it through gestures and colour. She uses mark-making to portray her instincts while writing letters gives her the space to organize her thoughts and share specific ideas. Moreover, the use of various surfaces allows her to use materiality as another form of expression. 

Francisca Sosa: bio
Carmen Mariscal : Artworks


incessant ranting of a persistent love a

Incessant ranting of a persistent love affair (about my country), 2019

Hand sewn text on fabric

150 x 145 cm


£12,000 (excl VAT)



Calladita te ves mas bonita (Be pretty and Shut Up), 2019

Silva a la Agricultura de la zona tórrida (con Andrés Bello), 2019

Acrylic, graphite, pastels, markers, charcoal and gouache onto burlap and paper

150 x 220 cm

 £3,200 (excl VAT)


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