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Laura Gorski and Renata Cruz 

Laura Gorski and Renata Cruz have been working together since 2015. In 2016, they received the prize of the 20th Cultura Inglesa Festival for the "Work Days" installation which has the work of writer Virginia Woolf as a starting point. 

- RESERVE - The abyss doe    s not divide us, it     surrounds us.     Porto Seguro Cultural Centre. S    ão Paulo  - SP  -

- Casarão Library     - A map open to travel.     Casarão de ideias. Manaus     - AM  - Brazil.

- W ork days. 20    o Cultura Inglesa Festival.     Brazilian British Council. São Paulo     - SP  - Brazil.
- Work days. Sesc São Carlos. São Carlos     - SP  - Brazil.



-Traverse. AMALGAMA. London

- Geography, our place is path.  Sesc Santos. Santos  - SP  - Brazi l.  Curator Bernardo Mosqueira.
- We're all Clarice. Tribute to the writer Clarice Lispector.     Gallery of the Lake. Rio de Janeiro     - RJ  - Brazil. 
Curator Isabel Portela.
- It's them and them. Blau Projects.     Sao Paulo     - SP  - Brazil.. Curator Josué Mattos.

2015  - 20  Cultura Inglesa Festival. São Paulo     - SP  - Brazil.

2019  - Casa Wabi. Oaxaca     - México.
2017-2018- LABVERDE. Forest Reserve Adolpho Ducke.     Manaus  - AM  - Brazil.
2015  - Somewhere between the land and the house.     Oficina  Cultural Oswald de Andrade. With the artists: 
Alessandra Duarte, Bel Falleiros, Flavia Milenik Laura Gorski e Renata Cruz.     São Paulo     - SP  - Brazil.

Laura & Renata bio
Laura & Renata work



Reserve, 2019

Video installation

The video RESERVE  - The abyss does not separate us, it surrounds us, deals with the desire of creating a meeting between human knowledge and forest knowledge, through the presence of a pile of books related to a suspended tree trunk, naturally attached to other trees only by the canopy. It moves like a pendulum over the column of books, denoting a measure of time. The pile was placed in the empty space between the trunk and the floor, evidencing one of the loopholes found in the immersive experience lived by artists in the Amazon rainforest. Despite the vastness, it is often through absences, holes and empty spaces that life in the forest is perceived. It is in the relationship between the different living beings that interconnect and coexist in processes of construction and destruction that the voice of the forest resides. The feeling of being integrated to an ecosystem resulted in the creation of this work that proposes human participation in this dynamic of interrelations through the symbolic presence of books. The books that make up this work, some were taken to the forest and others created by the artists during the period of immersion. 


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