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Marina Lattuca

Brazilian artist

Marina Lattuca was born in 1999 in Rio de Janeiro, where she studied Journalism. In 2017 she deepened her studies on art at a residency at the Sommerakademie Venedig, in Venice, Italy. Ever since her childhood she has cultivated ambiguous relations with crowds - sometimes enjoying its excitement, and sometimes feeling extremely dizzy about it. Therefore the presence of crowded and grotesque organisms is a constant in her work. The violence and tenderness present in the troubled relations that are formed in the excess of bodies, sometimes disputing space, interest her immensely. In 2019, she developed an artistic immersion held in partnership with UN Brazil for Venezuelan refugees, the result of the project was an exhibition called Los Nudos Del Mundo that took place at SESC. Combining different mediums such as writing, sewing, painting and drawing, she has been developing research on personal archetypes and creating her own mythology. Currently, she is developing a series of wearable pieces that represent each character of her mythology.

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Marina Lattuca wor



Human Mills, 2020

Chinese ink on fabric
220 x 135 cm 

Human Mills is a series of works that investigate the number of bodies that can be contained in just one. By attempting to make it fit, in one single space, the maximum amount of human figures as possible, Marina deforms the boundaries between the particulars of each human, until they can backtrack to become one. The choice for satin as a medium creates dualities when covered by almost violent strokes that seem to spread easily through the fabric and, in the end, give us the impression to be "hurting" the medium. "Hurt the medium" is an idea that the artist likes to work with, and the option for satin is important considering the stigmas about delicacy and tenderness that it carries on


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