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Sabina Simon

Spanish artist currently based in Brazil

Born in Barcelona, in 1980 where she studied design and photography, Sabina Simon continued her photography studies in the ICP of New York in 2009, where she started her project "Claridade", questioning the sense of vision in the creative process. For this, she spent a quarantine with her head in a plaster cast without any possibility of seeing beyond white. What is photography without an image?
Based in Rio de Janeiro since 2014, she found in the exuberant tropical rainforest of Brazil and in the meditation philosophy in India a turning point in her career, letting grow her interest in the relation between arts and the ecological planetary change. In 2019, she cycled alone for 2 months to gain other perspectives on the landscape and nature. From this trip the ongoing project " Sur-Sudeste. Impressions of an extraterrestrial entity on Earth" born, where she puts her vision through an invisible extraterrestrial entity, which travels to the surface of the Earth transmutating into bodies of multiple species, biotic and non-biotic, like ants, trees, water, air, or humans. What is the reality from their views? What would art be from a non-human perception? Why do we live alienated from nature?

From 2020 to 2022 she is laying these questions in the Post-Graduation in Contemporary Art Studies at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil.

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Draped Cave - part of the Vulva series, 2020

Acrylic on canvas
142,24 x 127 cm 


£7,500 (excl VAT)


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