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Debora Arango


In this class, you will learn about the first woman who not only painted and exhibited female nudes but created one of the first works of political satire art in Colombia during the 20th century. Constantly censured and rejected from the art world, her true legacy still fights her way within official art history books. 




En esta clase aprenderás sobre la primera mujer que no solo pinto y exhibió desnudos, sino que creo que una de las primeras obras de arte de satira política en Colombia. Constantemente censurada y rechazada por el mundo artistico, su verdadero legado todavia lucha por entrar dentro de los libros de historia del arte oficiales. 

2 videos


40 min


Do I need to have any prior knowledge of art history to take this class? 

I have paid for this class what happens now?

What does it mean that this class is bilingual?

Can I ask questions to the lecturer?

About the lecturer

Daniela Galan is the founder and director of Amalgama. She is a registered lecturer at the Arts Society in the United Kingdom and has over 17 years of research in art history and philosophy. She has focused her investigation on artists from Latin America, especially female artists whose work remains underrepresented within the art industry. This was the founding purpose of Amalgama, which led her to curate numerous exhibitions, forums and publications since its inception in 2018. 

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