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Great Artists from
Latin America

Dive into the story of Latin American Art during the 20th century

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Tired of generic art history courses that lack depth? Dive into the socio-political and artistic history of 20th-century Latin America through the eyes and masterpieces of its great art masters.
Explore the secrets of their lives and work 

Enroll in the first course about Latin American art that explores in detail the lives, secrets, and geniuses of its great masters.

Specialised in Women Artists

Uncover the works of numerous artists normally overlooked by traditional art history courses. Transform your perspective and knowledge, and gain insights into how the history of art changes when we acknowledge and celebrate their unique contributions.

Bilingual, Flexible & Interactive

Choose your preferred language of study - English or Spanish, and view each class in your own time, from wherever you wish. 

Self-paced online learning

All our courses are recorded in visually attractive videos that allow you to experience each artist's work like you have never done before. Learn on the go from anywhere in the world!

Earn Badges  & Certificates

Progress through our curated content and classes to unlock badges and achieve certificates that validate your learning process.

All levels welcome

You don’t need any prior art history knowledge to enjoy this course. Our classes are created for all to enjoy – everyone is welcome!

+ 14 hr content

Self-paced Videos



Choose how you want to learn

Featured course
11 Latin American women artists that ignited the avant gardes

11 Latin American women artists that ignited the avant gardes

472 min



Learn by topic

Each volume includes several artists' masterclasses, which you will have access to all at once.

More topics added regularly.

275 min

Vol 1 -Universalism vs National Identity



275 min

Vol 2 -Challenging the fantastic



275 min

Vol 3 -Beyond Surrealism



Winter sale ends 15 February 2024

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